Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Opinion and review after 5 days

The battery life of Samsung Galaxy Nexus performs much better than I expected.

From the screenshot I took, you can see that after 8 hours + quite heave usage(1 hours screen on with auto brightness, 3G or HSPA signal on all the time, google sync all on, some gaming and web browsing), my batter only 34% (from 100% to 66%)

I'm really very impressed. I thought the battery life of this phone will be worse than Samsung Galaxy S 2 since the Nexus screen is bigger(4.65 inces vs S 2 4.3 inches) and Galaxy Nexus' screen packs a wopping 1280x720 pixels(aka HD resolution) vs Galaxy S 2 480x800 pixels. As normal engineer should know, supporting higher pixel would require more battery juice but I not sure what the Samsung or Google engineer had put into the Nexus that give me this more than satisfying battery life.

FYI: The capacity of Samsung Galaxy Nexus batter is 1750mAH vs 1650mAH of Galaxy S 2

To be continue......