Sunday, August 30, 2009

o2jam offline!!

Still remember O2jam? I recently found out that O2jam have an offline version,it's very exciting as O2jam(the original game) had already stop it's production.

You can go download the offline version of game at

Then follow the step below:

1 create a folder called music ( or anything )

2 download the song pack.

3 extract all the files to the folder u created

4 open o2 mania

5 press file then configure folders

6 press the first “…” button

7 find the folder that you extracted your files to

8 press “ok” then “ok” again

9 press F8 or press file > open

10 press the refresh button on the bottom right corner of the Select Music window.

11 choose your song and the level

12 press “ok” at the bottom right corner.

13 press F6 to play the song for yourself OR press F5 to enable auto play.


in order to play this game, you have have directX9 or above, and you must go download song due to the game does not come with any song. To download song, go to this website: and