Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review

I would like to share my user experience of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

Phone Feature:
4.2 inches LED backlit LCD with 480 x 854 resolution
Second Generation 1GHz Snapdragon processor
512Mb RAM
8Mega Pixel, Autofocus camera with LED flash
1500mAH battery
All round of connectivity features: Wifi, bluetooh, A-GPS, 3G.

This is how the phone looks like. Sexy huh? I was attracted by it's super nice and sexy outlook. The unit I have is the Midnight Blue unit, there's another color available for Arc which is the Misty Silver which I think it's sexier.

What I like about this phone:
1. The sexy outlook of this phone and how slim it is. The arc is only 8.7mm "thick" at the middle part and 10mm thick at the top and bottom. I like thin phone as it feel good in your hand.
2. The new Sony Ericsson user interface(UI). I'm always a super fan of the vanilla android, and Sony Ericsson had successfully make me feel comfortable with their UI. The reason is very simple, because their UI is very close to the vanilla android UI, not much fancy fancy stuff, just some very simple tweak to the vanilla android UI. I'll be posting up a video to show you guys the UI of Xperia Arc
3. Large 4.2 inches super LCD screen. The screen performs very well even under the sun, you can view it clearly. 1 big plus point.

What I don't like about this phone:
1. This phone cannot play ".wma" files. This is a big let down for me as I always use the window movie maker to edit my ringtones.
2. This phone is a fingerprint magnet!!
3. Very small and stiff power on and camera button.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Opinion and review after 5 days

The battery life of Samsung Galaxy Nexus performs much better than I expected.

From the screenshot I took, you can see that after 8 hours + quite heave usage(1 hours screen on with auto brightness, 3G or HSPA signal on all the time, google sync all on, some gaming and web browsing), my batter only 34% (from 100% to 66%)

I'm really very impressed. I thought the battery life of this phone will be worse than Samsung Galaxy S 2 since the Nexus screen is bigger(4.65 inces vs S 2 4.3 inches) and Galaxy Nexus' screen packs a wopping 1280x720 pixels(aka HD resolution) vs Galaxy S 2 480x800 pixels. As normal engineer should know, supporting higher pixel would require more battery juice but I not sure what the Samsung or Google engineer had put into the Nexus that give me this more than satisfying battery life.

FYI: The capacity of Samsung Galaxy Nexus batter is 1750mAH vs 1650mAH of Galaxy S 2

To be continue......

Sunday, August 30, 2009

o2jam offline!!

Still remember O2jam? I recently found out that O2jam have an offline version,it's very exciting as O2jam(the original game) had already stop it's production.

You can go download the offline version of game at

Then follow the step below:

1 create a folder called music ( or anything )

2 download the song pack.

3 extract all the files to the folder u created

4 open o2 mania

5 press file then configure folders

6 press the first “…” button

7 find the folder that you extracted your files to

8 press “ok” then “ok” again

9 press F8 or press file > open

10 press the refresh button on the bottom right corner of the Select Music window.

11 choose your song and the level

12 press “ok” at the bottom right corner.

13 press F6 to play the song for yourself OR press F5 to enable auto play.


in order to play this game, you have have directX9 or above, and you must go download song due to the game does not come with any song. To download song, go to this website: and

Wednesday, May 13, 2009








就这样,这次的“约会”让她彻底失望了。我这次没那么的白痴了,我有挽留,我真的要求她给我一个机会,其实我真的有要改。但是我的白痴加上远距离的折磨,她觉得短痛不如长痛。就这样。。。 故事玩完了。